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Emergency Communications

One of the major special interest group focus areas for the club is that of Emergency Communications.
There are a number of ways for us to help be prepared, and integrate with other organizations in the area.
- CERT teams may have operators assigned to accompany them so that their activities can be coordinated.  We will be looking at ways that we can achieve this.
- Operators may be able to be embedded within the local communications centers to allow other operators to become a lifeline of communication when use of other communications systems become overloaded or unreliable.
- Training for events such as The CB&I Triathlon and the 10 for Texas events are great ways to develop skills and relationships that will become very useful during an actual communications emergency.
- Some agencies require assigned operators to have undergone prescribed training, and this group will have a major role to play in helping interested operators be aware of opportunities for that training to take place.