40m-6m End Fed Antenna

Here, Larry Brown has presented to us a design for a 40m-6m End-Fed Antenna.
We saw this during the September Club Meeting, and, along with Charles, we saw it set up (with an MFJ 33 foot push-up pole) vertically, and operated on 20m for PSK31 keyboard digital operation. 
We saw a number of contacts made.
Combined with the push-up pole (and suitable support), this represents a very quick way to get on the air. 
Of course, you could also easiliy use this with the help of a tree of sufficient height (only 35' or so).  Our air-powered line launcher would help greatly with this scenario!
I expect this would be very useful for 'rapid deployment' scenarios in support of emergencies or other makeshift events, or, where it's not practical to leave an antenna up on a full-time basis.
Check out the attached PDF for construction details.
The parts can be obtained for the antenna itself in the region of $20.  So it's very cost effective, too.
Peter Belbin,
Sep 29, 2012, 7:58 PM