Discussion Groups

Note: You are not required to be a member of the club to participate in the discussion groups - in fact, we encourage all and any operators in the area, regardless of interest in the club, to enrol with these discussion groups.  They're an important mechanism for helping make sure that amateur radio operators in the vacinity of The Woodlands are aware of what is going on in our own area.
We are using Google Groups for our email / web discussion groups.
Feel free to join these groups as applicable to your interests clicking the link below (the 3rd link below is the main 'whole-club group')
 Emergency Communications Group this is what we will use to let everyone know how to operate in relation to emergencies.
 Woodlands Event Comms is focussed on providing support for events that take place in and near The Woodlands for which amateur radio operators provide support.
 Woodlands Amateur Radio Club group is for discussions and news about the club and events such as club meetings.