Starting with March 2013, the club will provide, concurrent with the odd-numbered monthly club meetings, an opportunity for anyone to turn up and get tested for their FCC Amateur Radio Operator License.
There is a nominal testing fee, and you need to show up with 2 forms of photo-id, your social security number (unless you have an FCC FRN number) and, if you're upgrading, you need to present your current FCC issued Amateur Radio Operator license.
I suggest that as part of your pre-test at-home preparation, that you search online for some online test simulation sites, and do a good number of runs on the test simulators before doing the actual test.  The simulators are very good at providing a guague as to your level of preparation, and will highlight for you areas that need improvement.  Generally speaking, if you can regularly get good passing results on the simulator, you should do similarly well on the real tests.